Project 52:Week 12

Brielle decided she wanted to sit directly in the middle of the kitchen while I was fixing dinner the other night. She would set her chair down, climb in and turn around and sit still for approximately 15 seconds before scooting off and placing her chair somewhere else. It was pretty funny. The very minute the oven timer went off, she decided to set the chair against the oven door. Impeccable timing, that one. Evelyn’s mobility has really taken off. She rolls nearly everywhere and is content entertaining herself on the floor for hours on end. The agility she has at only 6 months old to roll from her back to her stomach is simply amazing to me!




Project 52: Week 10

My sweet girls. We’ve laid low for awhile as the girls slowly get better. The weather here is nice one day and then rainy/cold/snowy the next, but we’re trying to take advantage of the nice days. The three of us sat on the driveway for a little bit yesterday and Brielle discovered the brown leaves from last fall and thought it was fun to crumble them into dust. It’s fun to watch her walk around, she’s getting more and more confident on her feet. Evelyn is mobile too, just in a more higgledy-piggledy way, by rolling around on the floor. She’s getting closer to sitting alone as well. We cannot wait to get outside and do some more exploring!




Project 52: Week 8

This Sunday, both girls didn’t feel well plus our car was covered in ice so we couldn’t make it to church. So we had a lovely relaxing day as a family. I fixed pancakes and eggs while we all listened to a couple of sermons by R.W. Glenn on Revelation. Both girls napped a lot thankfully, so Aaron and I had some time on our hands. We played several games of Civilization which made the day pass by quickly. When Brielle was awake, she wanted to walk everywhere. Her walking has finally taken off and it’s fun to watch her happily toddle around the house. They both are feeling better than Sunday, but still have very congested coughs. Hopefully they will be themselves soon.




Project 52: Week 2

A handful of pictures of the girls from this morning. They love each other so much! Also, I included some of Brielle sleeping during her naptime. She moved to her toddler bed yesterday and is doing great sleeping in a bed! Evelyn is also in a crib which is nice for Aaron and I to have our bedroom to ourselves. Enjoy the pictures!












Project 52

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember to take photographs of my children. But I know I want to look back and remember these mornings, with Evelyn in her pink cupcake pjs and Brielle sharing her cheerios with me. I also believe this will help remind me to share pictures with you, my blog friends and family. I know it’s not quite the beginning of the year, but it’s close. So, here’s to Project 52!









This fresh new year has brought with it many fresh new thoughts. Aaron took quite a few days off after Christmas and around the New Year, and we enjoyed sweet, precious time as a family. We snuggled in bed together, all four of us, giggling and playing peekaboo. We read books together - Curious GeorgeThe Jesus Storybook Bible, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? We played games together, began listening to an audiobook and listened to a few sermons on the book of Revelation. Aaron showed me The African Queen with Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, which made me want to squeeze Aaron and kiss him when they finally made it all the way in their little steamboat. When the girls napped, we managed to accomplish some projects around the house like cleaning out the garage and cleaning the carpet in our bedroom. When Aaron finally went back to work, we were both very refreshed from all the time spent together. That lovely period of time was the seed that bore the fruit of my thoughts lately. As a result, when I considered my goals for this year, I held all this in mind. I’m realizing in more and more real ways that time is a valuable commodity. I am trying to cherish my days and moments with my precious babies and eradicate time wasters that keep me away from interacting with them. After Brielle’s nap today, we snuggled in the rocking chair next to her crib. The past several days she has really been calling me ‘Mommy’ and it thrills me each time I hear it. I am trying to treasure each moment like this. I want to declutter my life from the junk that doesn’t matter in an eternal sense. My time, my stuff, my thoughts, my food, my money, my body – every area. I suppose that is what my thoughts are about. My goals reflect those thoughts. And I want all of this to draw me closer to my Heavenly Father and becoming more sanctified in Him. My life, pure and unadulterated for Christ.