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We are two 23 year olds who have been married for 2 and 1/2 years.  We love Jesus Christ and want everything we do to be lived for Him and His glory! By His grace, we have both been saved and are grateful to Him for everything that we have. We did not deserve his mercy and yet He bestowed it upon us. As His children we desire to live our lives in complete and total gratitude and love toward our wonderful Saviour. Sometimes that means we have to be counter-cultural, like when we got married at the age of 20 when the rest of the world says, “Live your own life, have fun and wait to settle down.” Or when we decided to place having children in God’s capable and all-knowing hands and let Him decide when we would get pregnant. The rest of the world tells us to wait and have fun as a couple and calls babies and children a burden. Life isn’t always easy, but we always have Someone to get us through, Who gives us the grace to get through each day, no matter how difficult. Praise God for His undeserved mercy and goodness to us!

Aaron is the most wonderful husband in the world! (That’s his primary job.) Aaron is also the doting daddy of two girls! After that, he’s a computer programmer and consultant. He now sports a beard as well (at the request of his wife)! He enjoys learning about God and Who He is, as well as the deeper aspects of theology. Aaron loves hiking and being outdoors alone. Aaron enjoys discussing theology with friends as well as laughing and joking about many things. Aaron and I have friends that are scattered all over the country, so sometimes we take a trip and go see them. Aaron and I both have very eclectic musical tastes and so we listen to a variety of Christian genres.

And here I am. My job? Aaron’s helpmeet and homemaker, which in my opinion is the absolute BEST job in the entire world! I am also a stay at home mommy to my precious daughters. I teach violin on the side too. I am adopted and I know my birthparents. They are wonderful and love them very much. I came from a large family, and I am the oldest of twelve children, ten of whom (including me) are adopted. The other nine are all adopted from Russia.


This is Brielle Madelyn, our oldest child. She is just over a year old. Brielle is a daddy’s girl and has Aaron wrapped around her little pinky finger! A happy child who loves to chatter, she has a bright personality and cares intensely about things. Some of her favourite things to do are read books, play with her dolls, blow bubbles, Skype with family and ride in the stroller.


This is Evelyn Rose. She was born at the end of August, so at this moment is 3 and 1/2 weeks old. Right now, she has blue eyes and red hair and sleeps a lot. Just like her older sister at this age, she is easygoing and happy.

9 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Aaron and Anna,
    I really enjoy looking at your blog everynow and then ever since I first saw your thread on the CP forum. :)
    Anna~ I emailed you recently through the CP fourm- I just wanted to let you know incase you don’t go on there that often.
    Keep living for Jesus!

  2. Hi Anna and Aaron!
    I just wanted to say that I love following your blog! I’m a CP! student as well and I was so happy for you both when I saw your thread!
    May God bless you both!
    In Christ,

  3. It is so neat to realize that there are other young couples that are married out there :) I was 20 when I married my amazing husband (who was 21) and now we are both 21 and looking forward to our 5th month of marraige! :) God bless you and your husband richly and thanks for writing :) It is an encouragement! :)

  4. I recently started a blog about my life as a young married! I am only 18 and getting married in a month. Many people have also tole me I’m to young so it was fun seeing someone else choose love over cultures desires.

  5. It was very sweet to stumble upon your space here tonight – my husband and I got married young too, and while it has been a huge learning curve, we’re almost in our fourth year of marriage now! Keep it up. :)

  6. Found this page from site surfing and started digging into it. your words and dedication to God are something that inspires! As the husband of another young married couple to another (21 and 20) Reading your page brought a smile to my face because it reminds me of the purity and innocence of marriage and one’s relationship with God. May God bless the both of you and your life’s endeavors!

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