A Day in The Life with Two

7:00 am – My alarm on my iPhone goes off, and I groggily turn it off. I quietly slide out of bed, careful not to wake Aaron who went to bed pretty late the night before.

7:15 – I get ready for the day and listen to a sermon by John MacArthur. I peek out of the bathroom to make sure Brielle hasn’t woken up. The dogs were noisy running down the hall, eager to go out.

7:30 – I drink my coffee while getting some samples ready to go out with the mail. Brielle’s door creaks loudly and I hear her go into our bedroom, but quickly come back out when she sees that I’m not in bed. She gets a bowl of Cheerios and her milk, while I make a bottle up for Evelyn who I hear stirring in her room.

8:00 – The sermon is finished, the next one is a sermon by R.C. Sproul. I throw ingredients into the blender to make my breakfast – spinach, coconut milk, banana, pineapple, lime, protein powder and yogurt. I press the “on” button right as Aaron comes down the hall. He gets ready for work while I change Evelyn’s diaper and get her dressed. Brielle gets a small cup of the smoothie.

8:30 – Brielle gets changed and her hair combed and done up. I pack the diaper bag and we load up the car. I tell Aaron about the sermons I listened to on the way to Aaron’s work. I read a chapter to him from the book of Matthew.

9:00 – Aaron kisses me and gets out of the car. I climb in the driver’s seat and we drive to the park.

9:15 – This is our favourite park! We pull up and no one is there because it’s still pretty early. I get the stroller out, put Evelyn in it. Brielle wants to walk, so we amble to the playground.

9:20 – I push Evelyn on the swing. Brielle climbs on the play structure.

9:45 – We walk back to the car and load back up. I tell Brielle we are going to see friends. She looks up at me and asks, “Friends?” We drive to Target.

10:00 – I park the van at Target, grab a cart and put the girls in it. Brielle does not want to ride in the back, so I let her walk. We slowly walk through the store to the section I need, grab the baskets I want, and turn to go back toward the front.

10:25 – We are loaded back into the van and I have the baskets I needed. Perfect timing! Now we’ll go to our friends’ house!

10:30 – Yay! We’re at the C’s house! We unload yet again. Brielle starts crying when we reach the door because she thinks I’m leaving her behind. I sit down on the floor until Brielle warms up to Elena and Margaret. Evelyn is interested as soon as I put her down.

11:00 – My friend Amy and I talk while keeping an eye on the girls. Amy begins to prepare lunch.

12:00 – I hold 7 month old Oliver as Amy finishes up. He is nearly the size of Evelyn!

12:30 – We all sit down to eat lunch! Evelyn tries a clementine for the first time, her lips sticking out and puckering at the tart sweetness, but she does a great job. Brielle politely tells Amy, “Thank you” when she is finished. I enjoy my BLT.

1:15 – My girls are both reaching the end of their ropes, so we help clean up all the toys that the girls had strewn around their living room and then left. I call my mom on the way out of their neighbourhood, and we chat all the way home. Both girls fall asleep.

1:38 – We pull in the driveway, and I bring the girls in one by one, tucking them both in their beds. Brielle goes right back to sleep. Evelyn does not. I load the dishwasher, make the bed and tidy up while still on the phone with my mom.

2:15 – I’m off the phone now, so I check the mailbox and open the mail. I won a makeup palette in a party last week and it has arrived! Very pretty. Also, a note from one of my sisters and a picture from another sister. Yay for interesting mail!

2:30 – I bring the baskets from Target in from the car, and sort through all the girls’ toys, dividing them into individual baskets.

2:55 – Turning on Wretched Radio, I wash the dishes in the sink. I dust our bedroom and the living room, then clean both bathrooms. I clean the kitchen. I can still hear Evelyn in her room, so I give her a bottle hoping a full belly will help her go to sleep again.

3:30 – I vacuum the living room and kitchen. Evelyn is still awake, so I get her up and change her diaper. She pushes the walker around the kitchen and living room. I’m hungry, so I munch on sugar snap peas dipped in hummus.

4:00 – I pour myself an iced coffee and step into the bathroom to freshen up. Evelyn crawls down the hall to Brielle’s room and pushes open her door. Brielle is awake, so she gets out of bed.

4:15 – The girls are giggling in Brielle’s room, so I begin to pack the diaper bag. Aaron calls while I’m combing Brielle’s hair from her nap.

4:45 – We are all ready to go! I load the girls into the car, lock the dogs in their crates and pull out of the driveway. I swing by Starbucks and get an iced passion tea. Brielle is asking for more milk. I tell her I don’t have any but she can have water.

5:00 – I pull onto the highway and flip through the radio stations. Nothing interesting is on, so I turn on a sermon I downloaded by Voddie Baucham. Traffic is slow, so the sermon helps me to focus. Evelyn begins to cry. She cries most of the way to pick up Aaron.

5:20 – I pull up to Aaron’s work and text him that I’ve arrived. I dig in the diaper bag to find Evelyn’s pacifier and hand it to her. She calms down.

5:35 – Aaron gets in the car and we discuss where to go for dinner, and what our respective days looked like.

5:50 – I pull into a parking space next to a Smart Car in front of Chipotle. Aaron runs in. Evelyn begins to cry again. Her pacifier has fallen on the far side of her carseat.

6:00 – Aaron gets back into the car and I realized I have to go to the bathroom after that iced tea. I run into Chipotle. Aaron digs out Evelyn’s pacifier and clips it to her. I get back into the car, glance at the Chipotle bag and ask Aaron if he remembered forks. He didn’t, so he runs back in and grabs them.

6:08  – We pull into the gravel parking lot at Keehner Park. Aaron calls his parents to find out where they are. We unload the girls and strap them both into the stroller, beginning the walk down to the outdoor amphitheater.

6:10 – We find Nana, Papa and Auntie Amber. Nana feeds Evelyn her baby food and she is a much happier child. Brielle sits right next to Nana and eats her quesadilla. I sit next to Amber on the blanket and eat my dinner. Aaron sits next to Papa in a lawn chair.

6:30 – Evelyn is done, so she sits on the blanket with Amber and I. She tries to put my Izze in her mouth, and Amber’s water bottle. The actors on stage do a sound check.

6:45 – The play begins. The three witches from Macbeth are on stage. Brielle is transfixed.

7:05 – Evelyn is squirmy.

7:15 – Brielle sits in the stroller and pretends to feed herself with a nail file.

7:25 – Evelyn is more squirmy.

7:35 – Brielle has two tubes of chapstick without the lids and is alternately coating her lips with them. Oh well, anything to keep her quiet. She isn’t paying attention to the stage, except for when someone begins to cry.

7:40 – It’s intermission. Aaron walks to the car with Brielle to get my jacket because it’s cold now that the sun has gone down. I dig in the diaper bag to find Evelyn’s sweatshirt and a pair of pants to keep her warm.

7:55 – The witches are on stage again. Amber takes a bottle for Evelyn and feeds her with it, trying to get her to fall asleep. Brielle sits in Nana’s lap, drowsy. I sit on the blanket and scoot away from a spider.

8:15 – Evelyn is almost asleep when someone screams on stage as they “die”. She bolts upright.

8:20 – Evelyn is getting noisy, so I switch places with Amber. Brielle decides she has to sit with Auntie Amber. Evelyn calms down while I’m holding her. Macbeth is finally killed.

8:35 – We pack up our things and walk to the car. Amber and I walk hand in hand and lag behind. Aaron is pushing the stroller with both tired girls. We load the girls into the car.

9:00 – We pull into the driveway. Evelyn is asleep, Brielle is not. We bring both girls inside and get them ready for bed. Evelyn is ready first, and we lay her down.

9:07 – Brielle is ready for bed, and we go to lay her down. Evelyn is already asleep again.

9:15 – We get out some sorbet and watch a couple of episodes of Once Upon a Time. Mine had melted and refrozen while coming home from the store the other night, so it tasted mostly like ice. Aaron gave me the rest of his instead. (Sweet man!)

11:15 – We finish and Aaron begins to work a little. I type up this post.

12:33 am – Spurgeon is pushing the dog bowl around because he wants water. I get him some, then get ready for bed. Aaron will probably join me soon.





This fresh new year has brought with it many fresh new thoughts. Aaron took quite a few days off after Christmas and around the New Year, and we enjoyed sweet, precious time as a family. We snuggled in bed together, all four of us, giggling and playing peekaboo. We read books together – Curious GeorgeThe Jesus Storybook Bible, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? We played games together, began listening to an audiobook and listened to a few sermons on the book of Revelation. Aaron showed me The African Queen with Katharine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, which made me want to squeeze Aaron and kiss him when they finally made it all the way in their little steamboat. When the girls napped, we managed to accomplish some projects around the house like cleaning out the garage and cleaning the carpet in our bedroom. When Aaron finally went back to work, we were both very refreshed from all the time spent together. That lovely period of time was the seed that bore the fruit of my thoughts lately. As a result, when I considered my goals for this year, I held all this in mind. I’m realizing in more and more real ways that time is a valuable commodity. I am trying to cherish my days and moments with my precious babies and eradicate time wasters that keep me away from interacting with them. After Brielle’s nap today, we snuggled in the rocking chair next to her crib. The past several days she has really been calling me ‘Mommy’ and it thrills me each time I hear it. I am trying to treasure each moment like this. I want to declutter my life from the junk that doesn’t matter in an eternal sense. My time, my stuff, my thoughts, my food, my money, my body – every area. I suppose that is what my thoughts are about. My goals reflect those thoughts. And I want all of this to draw me closer to my Heavenly Father and becoming more sanctified in Him. My life, pure and unadulterated for Christ.


Top Five Parenting Resources {so far}

So I thought I’d share my favourite parenting resources so far. I have a teensy weensy bit of experience since I only have a 17 month old and a 2 month old, but what I’ve read or listened to has been helpful for what has been, and sounds helpful for what will be. Here they are:

1) The Importance of Biblically Disciplining Children This sermon by Voddie Baucham is excellent. He outlines three different stages in parenting: the discipline phase, the catechism phase and the discipleship phase. This is something I will listen to many times while I am a mother and I have children in my home!

2) Give Them Grace  by Elyse Fitzpatrick. This book turns the idea of “do these things and you will have good kids/Christian kids/well-rounded kids” on its head. Yes we must train the up in the way they should go, but we must also model grace to our children in the way we parent. We are God’s representative to our children so we must show them grace as God has shown us grace. This is much harder to practice and takes more time, but it is truly loving our children when we show them grace. It was a convicting read as it kept bringing me to the foot of the cross and convicting me of sins in my life and also reminded me that this parenting thing is only enabled by God’s power in me, as 2 Corinthians 4:7 says: “But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.”

3) The Faithful Parent by Martha Peace and Stuart Scott. This book is broken into two sections. The first section addresses the fundamental and primary need of the Gospel in our children’s lives. The second section outlines practically how to train our children in each stage of their growing up years. I found this to be an easy and fast read but well worth the time and something I will read again.

4) Parenting by God’s Promises by Joel R. Beeke. So full of Scripture and the Puritans! I loved reading this book. It was deep and rich, yet intensely practical. I am a Baptist, so I skipped over the Presbyterian section at the beginning, but I still found it extremely helpful. Another book I will reread!

5) Loving the Little Years by Rachel Jankovic. This book isn’t so much a parenting book as it is a little book of encouragements during the baby and toddler years. This woman has five children 5 years old and under! She made me laugh and encouraged my heart as I read about her joys and mishaps with her littles. It’s a small book but definitely well worth every penny!

Let me know what you think of these resources! Have you read any of these books or listened to the sermon? What did you think?


Daddy’s Little Girl




Lately, this is where Brielle can be found late in the afternoon. She peers out the window and scrutinizes every car, looking for her Daddy. When he does pull up, she squeals delightedly and crawls rapidly to the door so she’s all ready to be swept up into her daddy’s arms. And the sentiment is definitely mutual because Aaron will right away get down on the floor and play with her. She brings him toys and books to show him as long as he will sit with her. It’s safe to say that this is my favourite period of the day.











Baby Anticipation

Baby girl number 2 is soon to make her appearance. It still hits me as odd that Aaron and I will be the parents of TWO children. We are no longer newlyweds, people! Somehow I still think of us as newlyweds, a young married couple. I guess we qualify as a young married couple, but we also qualify as a young family of FOUR (almost). The Lord has been so very good to us. I am just about 36 weeks along, and mentally trying to prepare that this little girl could make her debut any day now. In general, this pregnancy has gone much better than Brielle’s, something for which I am very grateful since I do have a little toddler to chase after! I really enjoyed the second trimester and the beginning of the third trimester. At this point though, it’s hard not to look forward to the aches and pains going away after labour and delivery. My back tends to remind me that I’m carrying a little 5 pound child (approximately) constantly! I do enjoy feeling her move around continually and am trying to enjoy it because I really miss that movement once the baby is born! Sometimes it is difficult not to feel nervous about the upcoming labour and delivery process first because of how difficult and traumatic it was last time and second because no matter how you look at it, labour and deliver is not easy! That’s when Aaron reminds me I don’t have the grace to face any of it right now and God will give me the grace I need when that time comes. I know I could never get through that entire process without God’s strength and without my precious husband. Aaron is such a rock for me. There are so many times when I reach the end of my own strength, whether physical, mental or spiritual and Aaron is always there to hold me up and encourage me, helping me to go on while pointing me to Christ and His eternal strength.

Lately Brielle has been such a busy bee. She crawls at such a lightning fast speed and is always exploring. She follows me around everywhere, which I love, and is always attempting to “help” me. Today I turned around and she had found the paper towel roll from the cupboard and was tearing big pieces of it off and strewing them on the kitchen floor. She loves to pull books off the bookshelf and clothes out of the basket. She will crawl underneath the kitchen table and push all the chairs out, something which makes her very happy. She said her first word this week which was very exciting! We had gone to an outdoor concert at a park and someone brought their basset hound with them. When Brielle saw the dog, she got very excited and pointed and said, “doh-doh!” several times. So just to make sure it really was her trying to say dog, we pointed the dog out again and again, and every single time she said the same thing. The next morning too when Spurgeon and Mocha came to greet Brielle, she said the same thing. So I think we’re safe to say that is her first word! We honestly wouldn’t have guessed that would be the first word, because we say “Daddy” more often, and Aaron’s mom has tried hard to get her to say “Nana” for a long time now. But oh well, this child has always surprised us and kept us on our toes! I love being home with her each and every day, being able to watch each new discovery and watch each new development. What a blessing! I cannot understand how much I love her. It grows so much more all the time. Brielle Madelyn is such a gift from God to both Aaron and I and we love her more than we could ever express. A few weeks ago, Brielle woke up in the middle of the night and was upset, so I went in to her room to see what was wrong. I rocked her for awhile to calm her down, and she put her little baby hands on my face and nuzzled my nose with hers. I had never done that to her, so it really surprised me and made me giggle, so she did it again and she giggled too. That is something that I will cherish forever. It certainly made getting up in the middle of the night worth it!

Speaking of getting up in the middle of the night, yes I am up at 2:30am! Sleep isn’t the most comfortable thing right now, so sometimes I get up and read or write in my books for my girls. It’s so much better than laying there and thinking about how I can’t sleep. This big belly doesn’t make it easy!

There’s so much about this pregnancy and what we’ve been up to that I haven’t kept this little blog informed of! I will attempt to write another post with those details so that any followers that I might have feel like they know what’s going on in our lives.


Brielle and An Announcement

I am back! I took a little hiatus for awhile, not really intentionally, but I’m ready to post more and keep you all in the know about this little family! I’m not promising anything regular, but I am going to actually post! There’s so much that has happened and that we’ve done, so it’s difficult to know where exactly to start. I know my previous post said “to be continued”, and I do have a partial post written to continue what I was sharing. Hopefully, I will be finishing that soon and posting that for all of you. Today we’re just going to start in the here and now.

Brielle Madelyn is turning 10 months old tomorrow. It’s hard to believe that she’s nearly a year! She is still a baby, but when I think of Brielle as a 1 month old and Brielle as a 10 month old, I feel like she’s practically a toddler! She’s definitely her own little person at this point. She has continued to be a very happy and content child, to the happiness of her parents. We feel very spoiled with such an easy baby. This is what our days tend to look like:

8am – 9:30am: Brielle wakes up with a smile on her face and enjoys her first bottle. We look at books together, read some Winnie the Pooh and The Jesus Storybook Bible.

11am or so: Brielle goes down for her first nap. She tends to talk happily to herself for twenty minutes and then falls asleep.

1pm or so: Brielle gets up and eat some finger foods and then enjoys her second bottle.

Each afternoon tends to be different, in fact, this model is pretty loose, but it helps you all get the idea of what we’re doing each day. When we’re home, she will play on the bed while I fold laundry, or sit in her high chair and play while I work in the kitchen. Other days, we spend the afternoon with her Nana, Nanny (great grandma) and Auntie Amber. She also enjoys riding in the front of a cart at the store and taking in all the sights and smells wherever we are.

Late afternoon, Brielle has her second nap. When she wakes up, she generally sits with us at dinner and eats some sort of finger food, then Aaron gives her her bottle and plays with her until bedtime. Brielle absolutely loves her Daddy. Her face just lights up when he comes into the room, comes home, or interacts with her. Then between 7pm and 8pm Brielle goes to bed.

Some other things Brielle is doing: She loves to stand, but can’t yet stand up by herself. From the very beginning, she has loved to stand in our laps. Lately, I’ve been taking her and standing her up against the couch or the coffee table. She likes doing that, but can’t quite figure out how to maneuver around. She smiles nearly all the time and makes some pretty hilarious facial expressions. Her Nana gave her a dolly, and she loves to hug her and “kiss” her face (which is more like licking her face). She has a yellow giraffe and a pink giraffe and she loves both of them, but the pink one is her favourite. Aaron named it Raffy and she sleeps with it. It is so sweet when you bring Raffy to her because she will grin and reach her arms out to it.

Brielle loves to look at board books. She holds them exactly like she is reading it, and will stroke certain pictures. She likes the picture of the dog in the animal book, and will stroke the puppy and talk to it. We have two board books with pictures of babies in it, and she recognizes that they are babies and will just talk and talk to them.

Brielle also absolutely loves music. She has a little baby radio, with buttons that play different sounds and music, and when you hand that to her she laughs! When music is playing, she rocks her body back and forth like she’s dancing. She definitely has music in her soul! At the moment, her favourite music is Owl City and Beethoven. (Quite the combination eh?)

We love our sweetie so very much. I absolutely love, love, love being at home with Brielle all the time. She changes so much all the time, I wouldn’t want to miss any moment for the world. She is just so much fun to be with.

And now it’s time for the announcement part of this post. We are expecting another little one! We found out just before Christmas, which provided an opportune time to give the news to our respective families. This pregnancy has been smoother than the previous one, which is nice since I already have a baby to take care of! I had a little morning sickness during the first trimester, but it only popped up when I ate something unusual and my stomach was not a fan. Now, the only symptoms I really have would be backaches toward the end of the day. We’re also hoping that preeclampsia would not rear it’s ugly head this time. I am 19 weeks along right now, and we’re scheduled to have an ultrasound next week to find out baby’s gender. We’re pretty excited to find out if we’re going to have another daughter, or our first son. We would love either! Sometimes it seems strange that we’re going to be parents of TWO children!!

Now, this post has simply gotten long enough, so I shall sign off for now, but more to come soon!

~ Anna



Picture credit goes to my mom. Photo was taken over Thanksgiving week while visiting with my family.

When I think over this past year and the ups and downs that Aaron and I have been through, there is a mixture of peace and joy that washes through me. I think the biggest lesson that I’ve had to learn this year was trusting God. In both the little things and the big things, trusting Him that He knows best, He’ll carry us through no matter what. It doesn’t mean He’s necessarily going to fix the source of the worry, but that He is always there for us through the tough circumstances.


We began the year at a loss for where we were going to live. Our lease at the apartment was going to run out at the end of February and we had nothing new lined up. Knowing we couldn’t live there because little Pixie was on the way, we either had to find a new bigger apartment or buy a house. We couldn’t rent a bigger place at the apartment complex where we lived currently because we could barely afford the rent as it was. We also had to find an apartment that allowed “big” animals because of our precious Mocha who is not considered “small” since she’s part German Shepherd. We really wanted a house but we just weren’t sure with finances being tight already. Plus, we needed a credit score to get a loan. Last Aaron had checked, he had no credit score which was just as bad as bad credit in the bank’s eyes. So we set aside our desire for a house and started looking at apartments. For me, that was an instance of really trusting God and laying aside my own desires. I really wanted a house of our own. Someplace I could make mine, someplace I could decorate and add my own touches to. So I had to place my precious little dream in God’s hands and trust that He knew best for our little growing family.

Not even a week later, through some unexpected blessings and the kindness of beloved people, we could begin considering a house again. Aaron called about his credit score and what do you know? He had a  credit score! And it was a good one too. So as we gave thanks to God for this precious unexpected gift, we called up a realtor to begin the process of looking at houses. Another blessing in this process was that our realtor was a Christian! He was also a homeschool dad which was an added bonus. Aaron and I spent our nights looking online at houses, discussing things we liked or didn’t like. We found a house online that looked perfect (to us anyway) so we told our realtor we definitely wanted to look at that one. It was at the very top of our price range but we thought it was perfect. The first night we went out to look at houses, we had three lined up. The first one was our “perfect” house. The other two were houses the realtor had picked out. When we walked into the first house, our hearts began to sink. The wood floor throughout the entire house was scratched and definitely would need to be redone. The kitchen, which had looked lovely in the pictures, was actually a little galley kitchen. We walked out of that house pretty discouraged. The next house was one that our realtor had remodeled himself. It had been a foreclosure that he had purchased and fixed up. He had painted the entire house, laid new carpet and new flooring, installed new cabinets in the kitchen, new windows throughout most of the house, and a new toilet in one of the bathrooms. The refrigerator was new, the air conditioner was new, the furnace was new, the water heater was new. We walked in and were blown away. This was a nice house! It had three bedrooms, one and a half baths, and half the basement was finished. It had a large deck out back and the yard was the perfect size. I remember looking at each other, scared to ask what the price was since our previous “perfect” house had been at the top of our price range. But we had to ask before we fell more in love with it. And when we did, I’m sure our faces registered our shock. It was actually quite a bit less than the other house! And so, not even a week later, we decided that house would be ours.

To be continued….

The Right Kind of Damages


Source: flickr.com via Anna on Pinterest


“First of all, our bodies are tools, not treasures. You should not spend your days trying to preserve your body in its eighteen-year-old form. Let it be used. By the time you die, you want to have a very dinged and dented body. Motherhood uses your body in the way God designed it to be used. Those are the right kind of damages.

“There are of course ways to hurt your body that are outside of God’s design for it and disobedient. But motherhood is what your stomach was made for – and any wear and tear that it shows is simply the sign of a well-used tool.  We are not to treat our bodies like museum pieces. They were not given to us to preserve, they were given to us to use. So use it cheerfully and maintain it cheerfully. When you are working hard to lose the baby weight (as you may need to), think of it as tool maintenance. You want to fix your body up in order to be able to use it some more. It might be used for more children, or it might be used to take care of the children you have. We should not be trying to fix it up to put it back on the shelf out of harm’s way or to try and make ourselves look like nothing ever happened. Your body is a tool. Use it.

“Also, your body is a tool – maintain it. Having sacrificed your body for your children is no excuse for schlepping around in sweatpants for the rest of their childhood. When you were eighteen, you might have been skinny without trying. In your thirties, after having had a pile of kids, the chances are good that that you will need to try. And in case you care, this word is not coming from one of those miracle mothers who comes out of the hospital more svelte than she went in! My children, bless them, have left their mark!

“Scars and stretch marks and muffin tops are all part of your kingdom work. One of the greatest testimonies Christian women can have in our world today is the testimony of joyfully giving your body to another. While so many women choose to not have children or abort the children that they were given, the testimony of women who know the cost and joyfully pay it is profound. So make sure that you aren’t buying into the world’s propaganda. While there are a great many rewards, the sacrifice is very real. The reason so many women don’t want to do it is because it is very hard and has very real costs. But the answer to these obstacles is not to run away in fear as the world does, but to meet it with joy and in faith….

“So realize that your body is a testimony to the world of God’s design. Carry the extra weight joyfully until you can lose it joyfully. Carry the extra scars joyfully as you carry the fruit of them. Do not resent the damages that your children left on your body. Just like a guitar mellows and sounds better with age and scratches, so your body can more fully praise God having been used for His purposes. So don’t resent it, enjoy it.”

~ Loving The Little Years by Rachel Jankovic

The Fluff!

Here is our cloth diaper stash! I washed our Charlie Banana 2-in-1’s today and hung them on our handy-dandy clothesline that my macho husband put up for me this weekend. I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures of the cute diapers all hanging out to dry. I can’t wait to put them on Pixie’s bottom! I also washed our newborn covers. We have 2 Bummis Whisper Wraps, a Bummis Super Brite and a Thirsties Duo Wrap.







– Anna

New House! {Part One}

Here I am finally with pictures of the new house! Moving day on Saturday went so far above and beyond what I imagined it would! We had nearly twenty people here helping us. We were scheduled to start at 8 am, and everything was out of the apartment before 10 am! Everyone drove over to the new house. We had filled a Uhaul van with the boxes and furniture, but the smaller things we put into two different vans. The dog rode in her crate in one of them. She was so confused! Poor honey! We immediately started unloading everything into the house. Everything was in the house before noon! The furniture got put into it’s proper places and things even started to be unpacked like books and clothes. Aaron’s mom graciously provided lunch for everyone and it sure was delicious! A team of guys drove up to Aaron’s parent’s house because we had some furniture stored there and they brought it to the house as well. That afternoon, with the help of a few people, we got the kitchen items all put away. I was so amazed at everything that was accomplished on Saturday! We definitely couldn’t have done it alone.

Now for some pictures! I’ll share the empty house pictures first and then give you the pictures that I took today in part 2 so you can see what it looks like with everything in it’s proper place!

The living room.


The kitchen, with all the painting and cleaning stuff!


The bathroom. The shower is behind the door.


The back bedroom. This will be used as an office/studio for now. Eventually it will be a child’s bedroom.


Our bedroom.


The front door.

It looks like I missed the nursery, but it was probably because the guys were prepping it for paint. So sorry!


The back yard, which Mocha absolutely loves. She spends a lot of the day out there.


Keep an eye out for part 2 with the second set of pictures!

~ Anna



Predestined for Adoption to the Praise of His Glory

Hi everyone! I listened to this sermon yesterday and thought it was great. Everyone should listen to it and examine adoption. John Piper takes what Ephesians says about our adoption in Christ and then applies it on a horizontal level to adoption of orphans on this earth. It’s simply beautiful. I found it off of this guest post: Receiving the Call. What a blessing that God adopted us when we were His enemies, unlovable and haters of Him. I pray that every one of you who reads this blog post listens with an open heart to what John Piper has to say!

A little update on our situation: We closed on our house yesterday! It was very exciting to walk into that house last night and know it was ours. There was certainly a lot of paperwork to sign, but the whole process didn’t even take an hour! We went straight over to the house and got to work. Aaron’s dad had graciously agreed to help us paint that night and Aaron’s mom offered to bring us all dinner so we wouldn’t have to get something in the drive-thru. I’m sure we couldn’t have gotten the painting done without Aaron’s dad’s help, and the delicious dinner helped us to keep going until 10:15! For Pixie’s room, we had picked a pale pink so they painted that whole room a light fluffy pink. In our bedroom, I wanted to do something dramatic, like a deep red but the room is pretty small and the window is high and wide so I was worried it might be too dark if we painted everything red. So we picked “Antique ruby” and painted an accent wall to solve the dilemma! While they were painting away, I was vacuuming floors, scrubbing toilets and bathtubs and mopping floors. It felt good to have the house feel clean and also smell clean with the mixed smells of bleach and vinegar. By the time we were finished with both tasks, we were exhausted, but it was a very happy exhaustion!

As for the car, the insurance company ended up totaling it. So we’re still driving around the red Camaro. Aaron went by the collision place on Tuesday and picked up all of our belongings from our trusty ol’ Acura TL. We’ve had it for about a year and except for a few times here and there when it wouldn’t start for some unexplained reason, it’s been a great car for us. I’m sure it would have lasted us a lot longer had we not been in an accident. After shedding a quiet tear of goodbye, we have begun looking at cars online. It’s been nice to have a rental car, but only Aaron can drive it, so I’m stuck at home all day. I can’t teach violin lessons out, run errands, or just run to the new house to get some more cleaning done or run some things over. Thankfully, our friend Marie is coming down tomorrow and she’s going to help me cart some of the smaller things over to the house. Saturday is the big moving day. We have had so many offers for help from friends to help us move whenever we need it, so we have about 15 people or so coming over to help us move. The apartment is full of boxes everywhere, stacked three high! The cupboards and closets are empty. Our dishes are wrapped in paper. Even our pantry is nearly empty! I think Mocha is pretty confused because she has followed me around much more attentively than usual these past few days. She senses that something very unusual is about to happen and she doesn’t want to miss anything! I think she’ll be happy to find out she has a yard to run and play in, but we have no way to tell her that, she just has to wait and see.

One last thing: I did take pictures of the house last night, but I realized that the camera is in the car still. So when Aaron gets home, I’ll upload pictures so you can see what our empty house looks like!



Car Accident

Time for another update on our life around here!

Regarding the baby: We had another doctor’s appointment last week. It was a quick in-and-out dealio, but we heard precious Pixie’s heartbeat and the doctor measured my uterus and we’re right where we should be! My back has been hurting a bunch for the past week and half. Both sitting and standing cause it to hurt. I’ve been working on standing and sitting very straight, but it still hurts! If anyone has any tips, I would definitely appreciate them. I have been using this exercise DVD for pregnant women and boy does it help! It’s low impact but I can still feel that I’m working out. There is a section of just stretching at the end that really helps my back as well. I told Aaron that I didn’t know I could bend into some of those shapes with a non-pregnant body, and here I am doing them with a large belly! Pixie kicks me all the time and I love each and every time, even when it wakes me up. Oh that’s another thing! Sleep has become a pretty much hit or miss event lately. Some nights I can sleep like a rock. Other nights sleep eludes me. But my mom has been my inspiration in this area. My mom struggles with insomnia all the time, she has all of my life. But instead of getting frustrated that she wasn’t sleeping (like I do would), she would turn the lamp on beside her bed and read the Bible or some other book that would point her to Christ. When she felt sleepy, she would lay down and try again. But she would never get angry, complain or be frustrated. So I’ve been striving to react in that way as well. When I can’t sleep, I reach over for my Android phone and read the Bible on there. It has resulted in some sweet times with my Saviour! Time that otherwise would have been spent in angry, frustrated tossing and turning.

Regarding the new house: We thought we would be closing a couple weeks ago, but alas we were told we needed two other lines of credit for the loan. Anything would work, we were told, even a Netflix account. We have plenty of credit lines that we could give them! We never miss payments so anything we had would work. One catch: they have to be at least a year old. Aaron and I have not been married or lived on our own for a year yet! The only thing we had was our cell phone bill. We didn’t know what we would do! Thankfully, Aaron remembered he had and Audible account. It wasn’t quite a year, but it would hit a year last Friday, so Aaron sent them that information and told them to wait for a few days until that account hit a year. We found out yesterday that the Audible account worked and we are going to close the end of this week! We are very excited. It was definitely a lesson in patience for me because I wanted the house now! I wanted to begin making it ours. I mean, it was just sitting there, empty! Why couldn’t we start moving in and painting etc? I was tired of the boxes and baby stuff piled up in odd corners all around our apartment. But God’s timing is the very best of course! Hopefully we’ll have pictures up of the new house soon. We haven’t been over there in quite awhile which is why you haven’t see any!

Regarding the title (the car accident): Last night, Aaron and I were driving to our Wednesday night church service. We didn’t see the car in front of us braking in time and so slammed into their rear bumper. No one was hurt because we were only going about 15 miles per hour because we had just turned, but our car didn’t fare so well. The front is all crumpled like an accordion. The other car has not a scratch because we hit the tire they were carrying on the back. In human terms, this is not at all a convenient time for us to be in a car accident. We are spending a lot of our savings on our new house, baby things, doctor’s appointments and new brake pads. We only have one car. But the blessings far outweigh the curses. The damage looks like it’s only body damage not internal. Our insurance is paying for us to have a rental car even though both Aaron and I are under 25. The woman who owns the car we hit was very gracious and a Christian. She was more concerned about me and the baby than she was about herself or her car. I could go on and on. God has been very good to us. This was something He put into His plan for us. He wanted us to be in an accident last night, right before we close on our new house, right when we don’t have a lot of extra money. God is good and gracious to us and knows what we need, right when we need it.

I’m off to pack some more boxes! Have a great day and don’t forget that God is in control so we can trust Him implicitly.

~ Anna