Qualifications For A Mama











Before I began this journey of motherhood, I had no idea about some of the things that I needed to come equipped with. We all know about changing diapers, lack of sleep and kissing sweet chubby cheeks, but this is the lesser-known list of qualifications.  So here is what I’ve learned in my vast 2 years of experience.

You must be prepared to be quicker than quick, faster than fast. This is for those times when you’re changing your 2-year-old’s stinky diaper and your 1-year-old grabs it while it’s still open.  Or when you set the jar of baby food down on the tray for literally 2 3/8’s second and your baby throws it on the floor. Or my personal favourites, when your baby makes a beeline toward the dog’s food laying in wait on the floor and somehow gets three pieces in her mouth plus two fistfulls of it before you can stop her. (That one happens on a regular basis.) The best one has to be when you turn around and the dog’s water bowl – which you carefully set  just out of reach of chubby hands – has been dumped all over.

You must have high pain tolerance. Your one year old may decide that chewing on your arm is a great way to show affection. What she doesn’t realize of course is that she has seven teeth. So, be forewarned. Oh and your hair makes a great thing to hold onto when your toddler is putting on her pants.

You must have a sixth sense. It’s not enough to have great hearing. (That is still a great asset for when your 2 year old decides to raid the cupboard where she knows her beloved veggie straws are stored.) But the key is this: silence is not golden. Silence is dangerous. This typically means that your children are ripping toilet paper into tiny bits, your baby is stirring the toilet with your favourite pen or your Bible is being scribbled upon.  Beware naptime, because that silence can be the most deceiving. This means your toddler is probably dumping the water from the humidifier on her head and consequently onto the carpet while you think she is sweetly napping away. Also, sometimes children can work together in this. One child demands all your attention so that the other one can be quietly feeding all her food to the dogs.

You must not be easily embarrassed. It’s not just about dirty diapers, crying children interrupting sermons or nursing troubles. This is about when your toddler finds the box of nursing pads and empties it everywhere. Or when your baby finds a tampon in your purse and waves it around in a public place. This is personal embarrassment.

You must let go of all sense of ownership. This is the ultimate Communist society. There is no longer any “my” toothbrush, “my” fork, “my” cup, “my” dinner. Your dinner is free reign to any children who may be in the vicinity. If mom is eating it, they want it. They will use their fork or even commandeer yours to sample what is in front of you, even if they have the exact same thing. As for the toothbrush, your toddler may use hers one day and decide she likes yours better the next.

You must be a social person. This is because you will never be alone. Even using the bathroom becomes a communal event. It doesn’t matter if your bathroom is the size of a postage stamp, you will have one or more followers.

Most of all, you must be ready to experience greater joy and deeper love. This will come when your toddler wraps both her arms around your neck and squeezes the breath out of you, when she is playing on the playground and loses sight of you and you hear her say, “Mama!”, when your toddler climbs in bed between you and your husband early in the morning and cuddles, when your baby lays her head down on your shoulder because you are the only one who can comfort her, when your baby grabs your face in both hands and gives you a slobbery kiss,when your toddler blows you a kiss or reaches to hold your hand. It begins when that squirming baby is first pushed into the world and grows exponentially moment by moment.

In all seriousness, motherhood is the greatest blessing and gift I have ever experienced. It sure brings a lot of comical experiences with it though! It is a privilege to bring them up in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

(For the curious: yes, all of those things have happened or continue to happen to us. It adds an element of the unexpected to my day.)

Project 52: Week 10

My sweet girls. We’ve laid low for awhile as the girls slowly get better. The weather here is nice one day and then rainy/cold/snowy the next, but we’re trying to take advantage of the nice days. The three of us sat on the driveway for a little bit yesterday and Brielle discovered the brown leaves from last fall and thought it was fun to crumble them into dust. It’s fun to watch her walk around, she’s getting more and more confident on her feet. Evelyn is mobile too, just in a more higgledy-piggledy way, by rolling around on the floor. She’s getting closer to sitting alone as well. We cannot wait to get outside and do some more exploring!




Project 52: Week 8

This Sunday, both girls didn’t feel well plus our car was covered in ice so we couldn’t make it to church. So we had a lovely relaxing day as a family. I fixed pancakes and eggs while we all listened to a couple of sermons by R.W. Glenn on Revelation. Both girls napped a lot thankfully, so Aaron and I had some time on our hands. We played several games of Civilization which made the day pass by quickly. When Brielle was awake, she wanted to walk everywhere. Her walking has finally taken off and it’s fun to watch her happily toddle around the house. They both are feeling better than Sunday, but still have very congested coughs. Hopefully they will be themselves soon.




Project 52: Week 2

A handful of pictures of the girls from this morning. They love each other so much! Also, I included some of Brielle sleeping during her naptime. She moved to her toddler bed yesterday and is doing great sleeping in a bed! Evelyn is also in a crib which is nice for Aaron and I to have our bedroom to ourselves. Enjoy the pictures!












Project 52

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember to take photographs of my children. But I know I want to look back and remember these mornings, with Evelyn in her pink cupcake pjs and Brielle sharing her cheerios with me. I also believe this will help remind me to share pictures with you, my blog friends and family. I know it’s not quite the beginning of the year, but it’s close. So, here’s to Project 52!








I’m going through Brielle’s clothes, taking out the 12 month and some of the 18 month size clothing and making room for the 24 month clothes that she is just now fitting into. Evelyn is also bursting at the seams of her newborn size clothes, so I had to replace them with her 3 month things! I had washed the laundry the day before and folded them all, but the drawers were so full nothing more would fit, so I put the stacks of the girls’ clean clothes on the rocking chair. Well, I didn’t watch Brielle closely enough and while I was tending to Evelyn, Brielle found the piles far too irresistible. She picked each piece of clothing up and dropped them on the floor, talking quietly to herself. When I came in, I figured I might as well start switching! Once I had cleaned out the smaller sizes and began picking the clothes Brielle had scattered off the floor, Brielle noticed what I was doing. She started picking items up and handing them to me. Of course, her help was so sweet and much appreciated! She became delighted at helping me and every piece of clothing she picked up she wanted to hand to me. Sometimes I can’t believe what a big girl she is becoming!

I finished Brielle’s drawer and opened Evelyn’s drawer. This drawer is the middle drawer and Brielle could actually reach into it, so now that all the clothes were picked up off the floor, she thought it would be fun to begin pulling Evelyn’s clothes out of the drawer. This is when I decided to get the camera out! I wish I had gotten it out earlier to capture the mess and Brielle’s delight in helping, but here is the little I did get!












Daddy’s Little Girl




Lately, this is where Brielle can be found late in the afternoon. She peers out the window and scrutinizes every car, looking for her Daddy. When he does pull up, she squeals delightedly and crawls rapidly to the door so she’s all ready to be swept up into her daddy’s arms. And the sentiment is definitely mutual because Aaron will right away get down on the floor and play with her. She brings him toys and books to show him as long as he will sit with her. It’s safe to say that this is my favourite period of the day.











Crazy Kid

This morning I heard happy chattering from Brielle’s room, something I hear nearly every single morning, another thing that makes me so happy to be a mama. I went into her room and this is what I found.










I’m not quite sure how she got her arm through the neck of her pajamas! This is the second time she’s done this. She sure is a crazy kid! The other night I snuck into her room to get something for Evelyn and discovered Brielle sleeping perpendicular to her crib with her legs stuck out of the slats. There was no way I could put her blanket back over her when she was in that position! I wish I could keep snapshots of all of those moments. Thankfully, there are snapshots in my head, memories of moments like these. Like now, as Brielle offers me soggy Cheerios to eat and gives me a toothy grin every time I eat one. I sure love this kid.

Love, Anna